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Private Car Motor Insurance Premium Calculator
This calculator requires a Java enabled browser in order to work properly.
Please enter the fields below to estimate your monthly payments.
These calculations do not include charges such as tax, license fees, etc.
Note :
* Please key in all figures without currency ($) sign and without comma (,). E.g. For $50,000.00, should key in as 50000.00
Click here to apply for Motor Insurance
Note :
The above mentioned calculated premium would not apply to:
(a) Vehicles that are more than 15 years old.
(b) Drivers below the age of 21.
* For more information or confirmation of information or purchasing of private car motor insurance policies, kindly call 603-5633 5877, fax 603-5633 0769 or email karen@akinet.com.my our online insurance agent.
No Claims Discount (NCD)
This is a rebate given by insurers to policy holders at the time of renewal of the motor insurance policy, subject to no claim being made during the coverage period.
However, should a claim be made during the coverage period, then the insured will lose this benefit and the NCD percentage automatically reverts to 0%.

The NCD entitlement upon renewal of the motor insurance policy is as follows :-
  Period of Insurance Discount
(1) For new vehicles within the first year of insurance or vehicles which were involved in accidents during the coverage period. 0%
(2) After the first year of insurance 25%
(3) After the second year of insurance 30%
(4) After the third year of insurance 38.33%
(5) After the fourth year of insurance 45%
(6) After the fifth year of insurance and onward 55%
This calculator is meant to be a guide based on the Motor Tariff rates provided by Persatuan Insurans Am malaysia (PIAM). DreamMotor.Com is not responsible for actual or claimed deviation and the accuracy of the DreamMotor.com Insurance Premium Calculator. It is not the intention of DreamMotor.Com to submit an accurate representation of any insurers' private car motor insurance policy coverage.