Make: Honda    Model: [S2000] Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Honda S2000 - Set New Standards For Sports Car Market

The S2000 has all the elements of a classic roadster, including the right proportions. The long hood and short rear deck are elemental, the rest of the sheet metal more functional than fabulous. The S2000 produces more power per litre than any other non-turbo production engine. This remarkable two-litre car is to celebrate Honda first 50 years and it zooms to 62mph in just 6.2 seconds.

Packed with racing technology, it is Honda first classic front-engined, rear-driven model since the much-loved S800 appeared in 1965.

With a 240 hp engine that screams rapidly up to a 9000-rpm redline and 50/50 weight distribution, the S2000 is an invitation to get friendly with traffic court judges. The choice of fat 16" Bridgestone S-02 tires is an excellent one since they stick like rubber cement to all types of pavement yet offer good wear and excellent foul weather handling.

Even on the most challenging and rippling roads, there was almost no twist or shake in the structure. Although open, the body is highly rigid and complies with Honda's strict front and semi-side impact crash test specifications, which exceed all current legal regulations. This is due to an X-configuration frame that departs from the norm in being situated at midriff height at the top of the center console rather than at the lowest level of the structure. Thus the strongest part is in the center of the body/chassis and ties to the top of the suspension mounts without bends and curves. Not only is it stiff but weight conscious.

At 1260 kg, the S2000 is lighter than almost any car on the market and that aids the performance. This is especially remarkable since the S2000 is not a performance stripper, including all the power convenience items like electric top and air conditioning.

Almost everything about the Honda S2000 is special.A six-speed close-ratio gearbox made-up of lightweight components maximizes the true sports car experience.

Press the big red start button on the dashboard to fire up the engine and you'll soon know why this is one of the most eagerly awaited sports cars of the last few years.

The execution of the remainder of the car is as purposeful and flawless as the aforesaid. The electrically operated top unlatches easily and is stowed in a matter of seconds while the driver remains comfortably seated. Applying the convertible boot is one of the simpler operations mankind has made, not counting the little key on Spam. Ingenious pull-type fasteners and a semi-rigid design make the whole affair of installing the cover take not much more than 30 seconds.

In the end, you either believes the S2000 obviously cuts corners, or you cut the same corners with the thrilling 9000-rpm rush in your ears.

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 Make Honda
 Model S2000
 Doors 2
 Passengers 2
 Price  Search from International price list
 Cylinder Inline 4 VTEC
 Bore x Stroke (mm) 87 x 84
 Displacement (cc) 1997
 Compression Ratio 11.0:1
 Torque (Nm@rpm) 208 @ 7500
 Power (PS@rpm) 240 @ 8300
 Wheelbase 2400 mm
 Length 4115 mm
 Width 1750 mm
 Height 1285 mm
 Track - Front 57.9 in
             - Rear 59.4 in
 Curb Weight (kg) 1260
 Body Material N/A
 Brake N/A
 Tyre - Front 205/55 R16
          - Rear 205/55 R16
 Wheel 16" Alloy Wheels
 Suspension System Independent double-wishbone with springs and stabiliser bar
 Top Speed (mph) 150
 0 - 60MPH 6.0 sec
 0 - 100MPH N/A
 Fuel Economy (litre) 50
 Transmision short ratio 6 speed
 Transmission Ratio - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th 3.13 / 2.05 / 1.48 / 1.16 / 0.97 / 0.81
                                       - final/Reverse 4.1 / N/A

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