Make: Porsche    Model: [Carrera GT] Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Porsche plans to put a new top on the range of super cars with a USD$314,000 Carrera GT.

"We turned a race car into a road car," said Wendelin Weideking, the managing director of Porsche, at a Thursday morning news conference in the Louvre art museum on the opening day of the Paris auto show. The 558-horsepower, V10 sports car goes from a stop to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds, and 0-120 m.p.h. in less than 10 seconds.

Porsche showed a movie made on a road in Nevada suggesting the top speed is 211 m.p.h. Porsche said the high end of the sports car market will grow and that a product like the Carrera GT would help it grow. While series production is not yet approved, it will be if market studies are positive.

Porsche followed a similar plan in 1993, introducing the Boxster at the Detroit show as a production-ready concept car, followed four years later by the introduction of the car. As the engineering is already done, only a little work is necessary to advance from the project stage to production.

The Carrera project was approved June 14, 1998. Production is likely to begin in 2003. Weideking said a run of at least 500 cars over the life of the project would be necessary to justify the investment of millions.

He said the super car would not be subsidized by other sales. If it is approved, it must bring Porsche a profit.

The roadster, with a carbon fiber body, is designed to be sold with a removable hardtop. The V10 engine is modified from racing engines Porsche has used at Le Mans. The name reflects the car's heritage. Carrera, a name long associated with Porsche, means race in Spanish, and GT indicates the car is meant for the road.

For the media event, Porsche drove the car down the wide Champs Elyses avenue in Paris, but the car didn't try to outrun its police escort. It was raining, the driver was wet, and he didn't use the windshield wipers. .    Comments  [E-mail this to friend(EMF)]
 Make Porsche
 Model Carrera GT
 Doors 2
 Passengers 2
 Price  Search from International price list
 Cylinder  V-10
 Bore x Stroke (mm) N/A
 Displacement (cc)  5.5 LITERS
 Compression Ratio N/A
 Torque (Nm@rpm) 444
 Power (PS@rpm)  558
 Wheelbase N/A
 Length N/A
 Width N/A
 Height N/A
 Track - Front N/A
             - Rear N/A
 Curb Weight (kg) 2750 lbs
 Body Material N/A
 Brake N/A
 Tyre - Front N/A
          - Rear N/A
 Wheel N/A
 Suspension System N/A
 Top Speed (mph)  205 mph
 0 - 60MPH  3.6 sec
 0 - 100MPH N/A
 Fuel Economy (litre) N/A
 Transmision  6-speed manual
 Transmission Ratio - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A
                                       - final/Reverse N/A / N/A

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