Make: Honda    Model: [CRV 2002 (2WD LX)] Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Honda is proud to present the all new CR-V. Its 160-horsepower i-VTEC engine packs a heavyweight punch, while the refined chassis delivers a responsive, agile ride, no matter where you're headed. Plus, with even more room inside, you can chauffeur lots of friends. Or fold down the 60/40 split rear seats and fit your mountain bikes instead.

The CR-V body is only slightly longer and wider, but a nicely redesigned interior allows more passenger room. Four tall adults easily fit in larger seats, although tall drivers may wish that their seat moved back farther.

Front seats are supportive, and the reclining split rear seat slides nearly 7 inches forwards and backwards. Although occupants sit high, a low floor allows easy entry and big outside door handles can be quickly gripped.

The airy interior is quiet except for some road noise and has three large, classy-looking dials for the climate control system. The new steering wheel is easy to grip, but sits at a slightly bus-like angle. Audio controls are positioned high in the center of the dashboard within a driver's line of sight, but are a stretch for folks with short arms.

High Revs
Still, a larger engine would be appreciated because the CR-V engine revs at a high 3500 rpm at 75 mph with the automatic transmission. Even 60 mph calls for 3000 rpm, when you might expect to see only about 2500 rpm registered on the tachometer.

Fuel economy ranges from an estimated 23 mpg in the city and 28 on highways with front-drive and the automatic transmission to 21 and 25 with the all-wheel-drive trim and manual gearbox.

More Function Than Fun
The CR-V dislikes being driven hard; it continues to be designed more for function than fun. Push it more than moderately hard and you'll encounter tire squeal and significant body lean. Nevertheless, the rather heavy power steering is quick and the CR-V is very maneuverable.

The all new CR-V: getting out of the house never sounded so fun. .    Comments  [E-mail this to friend(EMF)]
 Make Honda
 Model CRV 2002 (2WD LX)
 Doors 5
 Passengers 5
 Price  Search from International price list
 Cylinder 2.4L 160 hp I4
 Bore x Stroke (mm) 3.43in. X 3.9 in.
 Displacement (cc) 2400
 Compression Ratio 9.6:1
 Torque (Nm@rpm) 162lb-ft @ 3600 RPM
 Power (PS@rpm) 160 @ 6000 RPM
 Wheelbase 103.1 in.
 Length 178.6 in.
 Width 70.2 in.
 Height 66.2 in.
 Track - Front 60.4 in.
             - Rear 60.6 in.
 Curb Weight (kg) 3201lb.
 Body Material N/A
 Brake N/A
 Tyre - Front 205/70R15
          - Rear 205/70R15
 Wheel N/A
 Suspension System Independant Struts for both front and back.
 Top Speed (mph) N/A
 0 - 60MPH N/A
 0 - 100MPH N/A
 Fuel Economy (litre) N/A
 Transmision 4-Speed Automatic Ov
 Transmission Ratio - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A / N/A
                                       - final/Reverse N/A / N/A

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